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jeudi 8 novembre 2007


Write what you think about LOST HIGHWAY

This album is simply brilliant,inspired by the music from Nashville.
The melody is subtil,delicate,the tempo has a lot of liveliness.
The songs like:Lost highway/Summertime/You want tomake a memory/Whole lot of leavin'/We got it going on/Any other day/
Everybody's broken/Till stranger anymore/One step closer
are dynamic,energic,stimulating,sensitive,rock.
These ones that paid my attention for the first time and still now:Whole lot of leavin',everybody's broken,you want to make a memory,
any other day,one step closer,summertime.
Two songs make me emotive.You want to make a memory and any other day.I don't know why?
The most rock song among the tracks on album is we got it going on .It's sulphurous.
Everytime,bonjovi has a new album available in the stores is a great surprise,success.
For twenty-three years,they became a legendary band and fantastic musicians,singer.
The feeling i have inside of me when i listening bonjovi is a sensation of freedom.
I feel the heart of their music,pounding underneath my feet.I'm alive and my mind is free all about to everything.
The music,express their feeling is important for them.Bonjovi got still so much to tell and left unsaid,in my opinion.
We've still many things to know about BONJOVI in the futur because it's a amazing band.
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