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dimanche 12 septembre 2010

Interview on bloginterviewer for BJ-FANS CAN'T BE WRONG

I'm very pride because i was interviewed on about to the blog.This is the interview granted:

bj-fans can’t be wrong-Fanfan

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My blog is dedicated to the fabulous band,BonJovi i did find out in 1994.Sometimes i can add the personal comments,opinion about to the news and what i feel.Especially this blog show the recents news about to BonJovi,the pictures,videos.I did add recently the social networks facebook,twitter to share it on if i want and i put on the first page of the blog a gadget:Get answers i’ll add i think on the secong page is more popular.

For now,i write many erotic stories i did start there are two years ago just for the pleasure and i want to send them.I’ve already a blog but in french.

I have been a fan of BonJovi since 1994 i’ve got said and it was hight time in 2007 that i pay tribute to a talented and marvellous band how is BonJovi.I felt the desire to show my admiration towards them and this is the best way to declare what i feel inside of me and to share it.

For three years and i’ve never thought that my blog could be liked by many people like that.I admit i’m proud to what i’ve made and especially these days.

Honestly,i don’t know.I don’t have a meter to count my visitors but i guess many people come in and some talked about to because i’ve seen a blog has put a article about to the mine.It’s flattering to know some think that my blog is good.

No income for now and i don’t think there’ll have one but who know?I notice there is less the real comment and more the spam for the articles posted and my guestbook don’t work.What’s shame!However,i did read the recent comments from the fans and i’m satisfied for the moment.Will see later.

The person who are the real fans of BonJovi.They could find out a personal blog and some have left the nice comments for.

Less time because i can’t evey days.I’m not addict for my blog because i’ll get quite crazy.When i get any news are really interesting,i go on but i spend a long time if i go back after few weeks.

My blog looks like me and it is pure.

To keep onself,not try to create the same kind of blog they can see as well.It is should personal,have a soul,think about to what you want to make and dare to do it and be original.If you feel inside of you your site is right but nobody is interested for non,whatever i don’t give up.You’ll get a result even late.This is only a hobby anyway.

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