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jeudi 11 novembre 2010

Greastest Hits My Feeling

Did out there is one week ago in europe we listen all the hits remind all our memories through evry period of our life.My year the most unforgettable was to 1994,this year when i did find out BonJovi to 1996,period "THESE DAYS".I still feel a lots of emotion when i listen on the greatest hits because i can't to listen differently because i'm overwhelmed with emotion,hard to pull through so i avoid.It is true it make you dynamic but a stream of emotion again is often inevitable.Is it good for the spirit to turn back to past?Yes if BonJovi but i prefer the present.Anyway the travel is wonderful in the musical world of the band and i say to myself:-<>How a such band can they have got so much talent?Of course the work but they was born to be talented and especially to be on look-out for a perpetual musical evolution for twenty-six years.Blood on blood is on the second disk of the greatest hits and when you hear for a show these days played on stage by BonJovi it sound like new and much more emphasize to highlight because they know perfectly how they should play it.A beautiful result.What do you got? is noble like the song Make A Memory and i'm crazy about to This Is Love This Is Life. I listen it over and over for the evening and in the morning.A firework in my mind.The audience stand up for a ovation even for the last Europe Music Awards in Madrid 2010.No one else can do it for a ceremony like that also.BonJovi is a marvel,ultimate to me,nothing beats else.The fans around the world to proof it by claiming it.


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