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jeudi 5 mai 2011

Join the bonjovifans

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Hello dear fans around the world,
I need you because the forum would like to get more register,guests if you don't feel member,you're allow to participate.Some users even many are not active and i think this forum waiting for the people who will be interested in order to make lively there thanks to your right interest,feel a obvious desire to be a active user and share all what you want to post as topic.If you're willing and ready to join,so do it.Don't hesitate the word of mouth in order to increase the visibility of the forum.
*Details:71 members,650 messages posted in 350 topics
You'll find out:ART WORK,QUIZZ,E-CARDS,GUESTBOOK,VIDEOS you can posted even filmed by you,FANS PRIVATE ROOM,FANS ON THE TOUR,AROUND THE WORLD,HAVE A RANT,TRIBUTE BAND,WEBSITE(you can promote the yours and also to be put as partner on the portal),GENERAL DISCUSSION.........
It could be much more a nice place thanks to you and around you.

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