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lundi 16 avril 2012

Jon bonjovi:Always targeted

For a long time you could notice that Jon Bonjovi was almost always critized about anything is doesn't really matters as her physical appareance finally make some people jealous and the only way to pay attention to themselves is to talk a lots of nonsense in order to make the person look ridiculous while to make a fool themselves because their nasty mockery is childish and even if sometimes the laughter is in effect a good cure for our soul,i don't think that we can also laugh at everything because to make fun of something is often cruel and can hurt.When someone is lovable,to differenciate itself from others people,you can expect to hear the caustic criticals because the jester still exist and is employed to try to harm what's more the jester enjoy doing.The detractors to delight to be harmful,in doing dirty trick as this person whom have posted this dreadful,fake annoucement about the death of Jon Bonjovi is in my opinion the worst thing to do.Of couse,he has reacted by showing a sense of humour most of people ave seen on web but this kind of dark humour is not safe and the person responsible for that should be affected.To take action in order to punish when the petty partical jokers behave badly because to be reckless have an effect on those concerned.What morbid trick to play!It's epidemic of harmful mind on web nowadays unfortunately couldn't care less about it but don't think that the bad is stronger because it is never winner against the kindness.I've got a feeling that Jon Bonjovi seems sometimes as if he is a scapegoat.The malicious gossip also talk about him in the mean terms because it seems like strange when a man is aesthetic and take care of his hairs,teeth,skin and body as well as her health.It's maybe better to have a sloppiness appareance because it don't make a few minds jealous of some people who give also themselves a complex.Well yes,those poor petty minds are annoyed when a handsome man who is just 50 years old and looks much more younger,keeps one's looks and will always keep.They think certainly that the kind people are the easy prey and as easy as pie to talk malicious things because after all a few artists are the easygoing persons as if these artists are not able to retort.Well these slanderous people should better think again!The artists are slandered can respond to them in a smart,cheeky,ironic or even maybe sometimes sarcastic way and also to ridicule something in order to put them his place and to make a success of make feel embarrassed.The most clever attitude to have to the detractors because these easy prey might be looked on themselves as the crafty artists and not as the stupid,smooth minds.They aren't like that.So fed up with all these detractors behave in a cowardly,childish way as well as their harmful nonsense or else the criticals sounds like more personal than objective and constructive.The society is already merciless,fool people infected like most of these medias,gutter press and on web you can realize that a whole bunch of stupid bloody begin weaving a web of shit but fortunately many famous artists running over bad times and holding on in there like the strong Britney Spears did it even if it's quite different of course but the unacceptable things told about her are the same kind of source of irritation.Not to give a damn how all should suppose to be,keep onself is the only rule to follow and if some people don't like you,it's not too bad because don't worry,the artists targeted won't be seriously injured because smart,balance,cheeky humour as well as relativism save when you think about it again later and to say them all goodbye.The lyrics written by Jon Bonjovi and Richie Sambora are right when you think about it too!Wink!

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