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jeudi 25 octobre 2012

About tickets

I have received an email today about the pre-sale tickets.The members could buy on thrusday,25,2012 if you're member on bakstage of course if i have understood well.So much the better but why do they sale them so soon?They could wait for february 2013 because it's logical for me.The album will be released on march 2013.They are the fast cars.

mardi 16 octobre 2012

Richie Sambora on live

I love this performance.A such perfection!The Youngters in the musical world can forget about believe they are the best.That's wrong!Richie Sambora is and will be always like Bon Jovi.Sorry some artists disagree  and critize.Dear others artists,open wide your eyes and ears before to critize about anything is not constructive and in a bad faith towards Bon Jovi.For now Richie Sambora is the god of music.Beautiful!

lundi 15 octobre 2012

Marvellous Richie Sambora

What say when you listen to a album so successful and powerful?Well you're open-mouthed in admiration for a talent so great.What it takes get into the groove,a magnificent,power voice that deeply touch you and that take you into a different world for listening to thoses songs that undeniably in over by it.He reveal his soul and express himself in a touching way thanks to Seven Years Gone  that create with a great deal of emotion inside of me,forceful also thanks to Burn The Candle Down,Sugar Daddy..... . I won't ever enough say and i will always wonder this question:How a such talent can be close to a such level of perfection as regards music?I think that's a mystery that isn't when you think about it because acquired everything in time,work and of course still the talent.Aftermath Of The Lowdown to prove it so much so that i will almost fall in love.I don't know why but the song World reminds me of a song sang by Paul Mc Cartney.A feeling that recall The Beatles or is it a auditory hallucination?I can only love this crafted jewel that already mark my memory.The phenix reborn and every road leads home to Richie Sambora.